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Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual

Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual

By Chris Grover

Missing CD-ROM

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Chapter 1: Building a Bench: Your First Model

Chapter 2: Starting Off in Two Dimensions

Chapter 3: Drawing in Three Dimensions

Chapter 4: Drawing a Basic House

Chapter 5: Working Smarter with Groups and Components

Chapter 6: Changing Styles and Applying Materials

Chapter 7: Organizing with Outliner and Layers

Chapter 8: Drawing a Hipped Roof Using Follow Me

Chapter 9: Advanced Techniques for Groups and Components

Chapter 10: Matching Your Photos in SketchUp

Chapter 11: Adding Shadows and Placing Your Model in Google Earth

Chapter 12: Saving Views and Animating with Scenes

Chapter 14: Finding, Creating, and Sharing Components (SketchUp Pro)

Chapter 16: Presenting Your Model with LayOut (SketchUp Pro)