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iPad: The Missing Manual

iPad: The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition

By J.D. Biersdorfer

Missing CD-ROM

Chapter 1. Set Up Your iPad

Download iTunes for your Windows or Mac computer

Apple’s recommendations for iPad battery care:

Chapter 2. Tour Your iPad

ZAGG military-grade screen protectors:

Oleophobic Screen Test:

Chapter 3. Interact with Your iPad

Dragon Dictation:

Vlingo voice-assistant app:

Find iPad external keyboards and docks in Apple’s online store:

Apple’s list of AirPrint-compatible printers:

Netputing’s AirPrint Activator for Mac OS X:

Chapter 4. Get Online

AT&T’s wireless network coverage map:

Verizon Wireless’s network coverage map:

AT&T 4G and 4G LTE national network map:

Verizon 4G LTE national network map:

Use public WiFi with T-Mobile hotspots:

Use WiFi on an airplane:

Use Boingo wireless hotspots:

Use AT&T’s wireless hotspots:

Use Verizon’s wireless hotspots:

More on Verizon Wireless mobile broadband hotspot hardware:

More on AT&T’s mobile broadband hotspot hardware:

More on Sprint’s 4G mobile broadband:

More on Clear’s mobile broadband hotspot hardware:

Set up a postpaid iPad data plan on your existing AT&T bill:

AT&T data calculator page:

AT&T international data plans for iPad world travelers:

Verizon Wireless data calculator page:

Verizon international trip planner page:

Skype app for the iPad

Skype’s international plans:

Chapter 5. Surf the Web

Download Safari:

Stream audio podcasts from the BBC:

National Public Radio’s mobile site for audio streaming:

Podcasts from CNN:

Stream QuickTime movie trailers on the iPad:

Apple’s movie trailers app

Sign up for Google Docs:

Zoho online office applications:

Zoho Mobile site:

Basecamp project management site:

Dropbox online file sharing and storage:

Facebook social networking:

MySpace social networking:

Twitter app for the iPad:

HootSuite app for the iPad:

Flickr photo-sharing site:

Google+ app for iOS:

AIM instant messenger app for the iPad:

Official Pinterest app for the iPhone:

Pinterest-related apps for the iPad:

Chapter 6. Keep in Touch with Email and Messaging

How to use Twitter:

Chapter 7. Organize Your Life With iPad’s Apps

How to sync a Google calendar:

Subscribe to themed calendars for the iPad:

Chapter 8. Shop the App Store

Apple’s iTunes App Store Terms and Conditions agreement

The App Store’Facebook page:

The App Store’s Twitter feed:

Visit iTunes Store customer service for help with an app purchase:

Chapter 9. iBooks & ePeriodicals

Download Apple’s free iBooks app from the iTunes Store:

Download free ePub books from Project Gutenberg:

Read Kindle content from Amazon with the iPad Kindle app:

Read Nook content from Barnes & Noble with the iPad Nook app:

Download newspaper and magazine apps for the iPad:

Chapter 10. Play Games

Notable games in the App Store:

Game networks:

Chapter 11. Get Productive with iWork

The iPad apps in the iWork productivity suite:

Alternatives to iWork:

Chapter 12. Sync and Share Media Files with iTunes and iCloud

Buy replacement USB cables and other iPad accessories in the online Apple Store:

Free music files from the Live Music Archive:

Sign up for iTunes Match:

Apple’s QuickTime Pro software for video conversion:

Apple’s AirPlay streaming software:

Stream iTunes content to an Apple TV:

Chapter 13: Master iTunes on the Desktop

Apple’s Ping social network for music lovers: audiobooks:

Chapter 14: Play Music and Other Audio

Alternatives to the iPad�s Music app for playing and managing podcasts:

GarageBand for iPad technical support page:

Chapter 15: Watch and Edit Videos

Streaming video apps for iPad:

Explanation of high-definition video resolutions at

Sign up for a YouTube account:

AV cables for the iPad:

Video-editing apps for the iPad:

Video conversion programs for the iPad:

Chapter 16: View, Edit, and Manage Photos

Import photos from a digital camera with Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit:

Photo-editing apps for the iPad:

Chapter 17: Sync Up with iCloud

Sign up for Apple’s iCloud service:

Appendix A: iPad Settings

Online guide for using the VoiceOver Accessibility software on the iPad:

Appendix B: iPad Troubleshooting and Care

Apple’s support pages for the iPad:

iTunes download page for updating or reinstalling the software:

Apple’s support pages for iTunes:

Use the iPad’s Recovery Mode:

Sampler of companies that sell iPad cases and accessories:

The Find My iPhone app for iPad:

iPad repair resources:

Apple’s AppleCare extended warranty plan for the iPad: