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iPad: The Missing Manual

iPad: The Missing Manual, Sixth Edition

By J.D. Biersdorfer

Missing CD-ROM

Chapter 1. Set Up Your iPad

Download iTunes for your Windows or Mac computer

Chapter 2. Tour Your Tablet

No links

Chapter 3. Interact with Your iPad

Apple's list of AirPrint-compatible printers

Chapter 4. Get Online

Check your carrier's coverage

Use WiFi on an airplane

Use Boingo wireless hotspots

Commercial hotspot providers

Pick an AT&T service plan

Use AT&T's shared data

Pick a Sprint service plan

Pick a T-Mobile service plan

Pick a Verizon service plan

Verizon Wireless shared data plan

Tips to stay secure while surfing the Internet

Sprint's data calculator

T-Mobile data calculator

AT&T's mobile hotspots

Sprint's mobile hotspots

T-Mobile mobile broadband hotspots

Verizon mobile hotspots

More on FreedomPop mobile broadband hotspot hardware

Skype's international plans

AT&T data calculator page

AT&T international data plans for iPad world travelers

Verizon Wireless data calculator page

Planning International Travel

Chapter 5. Surf the Web

Stream audio podcasts from the BBC

"Meet the Press" audio stream

National Public Radio's mobile site for audio streaming

Podcasts from CNN


Google Drive

Office 365

Zoho online office applications

Zoho Mobile site

Dropbox online file sharing and storage

Basecamp for project management site

Facebook social networking

MySpace social networking

Flickr photo-sharing site

Google+ site

Tumblr site

Pinterest online corkboard site

Chapter 6. Keep in Touch with Email and Messaging

How to use Twitter

Chapter 7. Organize Your Life With iPad's Apps

How to sync using iCloud

How to sync a Google calendar

Subscribe to themed calendars for the iPad

Using iPad's reminders

Chapter 8. Shop the App Store

Apple Store customer service

Chapter 9. Read iBooks & ePeriodicals


Barnes & Noble

Download free ePub books from Project Gutenberg

Chapter 10. Play Games

No links

Chapter 11. Get Productive with iWork

iWork suite video tutorials and technical support articles

Business and productivity apps

Chapter 12. Sync and Share Media Files with iTunes and iCloud

Get Music from other online stores

Apple's QuickTime Pro software for video conversion

O'Reilly Media site for updates to this book

Chapter 13: Manage and Play Music and Other Audio

GarageBand for iPad technical support page

Chapter 14: Watch, Create, and Edit Videos

Learn about Ultraviolet's media storage locker

Video conversion programs for the iPad

Chapter 15: View, Shoot, Edit, and Manage Photos

No links

Chapter 16: Back Up and Sync Gadgets with with iCloud

Sign up for Apple's iCloud service

iCloud Control Panel for Windows

Appendix A: iPad Settings

Online guide for using the VoiceOver Accessibility software on the iPad

Appendix B: iPad Troubleshooting and Care

Apple's support pages for the iPad

iTunes download page for updating or reinstalling the software

Apple’s support pages for iTunes

Apple's Support links for reinstalling iTunes

iOS Recovery-Mode restore

Sampler of companies that sell iPad cases and accessories

The Find My iPhone app for iPad

iPad repair resources

Apple's AppleCare extended warranty plan for the iPad