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iPhone: The Missing Manual

iPhone: The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition

By David Pogue

Missing CD-ROM


  • For info on the latest version of the iPhone's software, click here.
  • The story of the iPhone 4 Death Grip by Abe Handler

Chapter 1: The Guided Tour

Chapter 3: Phone Calls and FaceTime

Chapter 4: Voicemail, Texting, & Other Phone Tricks

Chapter 5: The iPhone as iPod

PhoneView (formerly iPhone Drive)

Chapter 6: Taking Photos, Shooting Video

Chapter 8: Maps, Apps, & iBooks

Chapter 9: Getting Online

Chapter 10: The Web

Streaming news broadcasts:

Chapter 11: Email

Chapter 12: iTunes for iPhoners


Chapter 13: MobileMe

Setting up MobileMe in Windows

Setting up MobileMe on a Mac

Appendix A: Setup and Signup

Appendix B: Accessorizing the iPhone


Screen Protectors

Audio Accessories

Gadget blogs

Snap-on Accessories

Appendix C: Troubeshooting & Maintenance

Bonus Appendix