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iPhoto: The Missing Manual

iPhoto: The Missing Manual

By David Pogue, Lesa Snider

Missing CD-ROM

Chapter 1: Camera Meets Mac

Chapter 2: The Digital Shoebox

Chapter 4: Faces and Places

Chapter 5: Editing Your Shots

Chapter 6: iPhoto Slideshows

Chapter 7: Making Prints

Chapter 8: Emailing, Sharing, and Web Galleries

Chapter 9: Books, Calendars, and Cards

Chapter 10: iPhoto Goes to the Movies

Chapter 12: iPhoto File Management

Chapter 13: iPhoto on the iPad

Chapter 14: Editing Photos on the iPad

Chapter 15: Sharing Photos on the iPad

Appendix A: Troubleshooting

Appendix B: Where to Go From Here

Digital Photo Equipment:

Photo-Sharing Sites:

Online Instruction:

Online Printing:

Appendix C