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iPod: The Missing Manual

iPod: The Missing Manual, Eleventh Edition

By J.D. Biersdorfer

Missing CD-ROM

Chapter 1. iPod 101

Get the iTunes program:

Get iPod charging accessories:

Chapter 2. Tour the iPod Touch

iPod Touch Accessories:

Chapter 3. Entertain Yourself With the iPod Touch

Fitness accessories:

Electronic book apps for the iPod Touch:

Video-editing apps for the iPod Touch:

Chapter 4. Get Organized With the iPod Touch

Get started with Twitter:

Printing from your iPod Touch:

Chapter 5. Surf the Web and Manage Email on the Touch

Web browsing:

Free audio and video on the Web:

Audio and video apps for the Touch:

Mail account configuration:

Data synchronization for the iPod Touch:

Chapter 6. Add More Apps to the Touch

No links.

Chapter 7. Tour the iPod Nano

Fitness options:

Chapter 8. Tour the iPod Classic

Sources for eBooks and programs for the iPod Classic:

Chapter 9. Tour the iPod Shuffle

No links.

Chapter 10. iTunes Basics

Apple’s guide to iTunes:

Chapter 11. iTunes Power Moves

Internet radio:

Audible audiobooks:

Sign up for iTunes Match:

Info on VoiceOver feature: