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iWork: The Missing Manual

iWork: The Missing Manual

By Josh Clark, Jessica Thornsby

Missing CD-ROM


Chapter 1: Creating a Pages Document

Chapter 2: Editing Text in Pages

Chapter 3: Creating and Using Styles

Chapter 5: Formatting and Organizing Documents

Chapter 6: Beyond Text: Laying out Documents

Chapter 7: Objects Up Close: Adding, Modifying, and More

Chapter 8: Building Tables and Charts

Chapter 9: Sharing Pages Documents

Chapter 10: Creating templates to Streamline Projects

Chapter 11: Creating a Keynote Slideshow

Chapter 12: Laying Out Slides

Chapter 13: Animating Slides

Chapter 14: Sharing Your Slideshows

Chapter 15: Customizing Keynote Themes

Chapter 16: Creating a Numbers Spreadsheet

Chapter 17: Editing Tables in Numbers

Chapter 18: Organizing Tables in Numbers

Chapter 19: Using Formulas

Chapter 20: Advanced Data Crunching with Functions

Chapter 21: Charts: Giving Shape to Data

Chapter 23: Sharing Your Spreadsheets

Chapter 24: Pages for iOS

Chapter 25: Keynote for iOS

Chapter 26: Numbers for iOS

Chapter 27: An Intro to iCloud

Chapter 28: Pages for iCloud

Appendix A: Installing and Upgrading iWork