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NOOK HD: The Missing Manual

NOOK HD: The Missing Manual, Second Edition

By Preston Gralla

Missing CD-ROM

The Missing Credits


Chapter 2: Setting Up Your NOOK Tablet

Chapter 7: Buying Books, Magazines, and Newspapers and Managing Your Library

Chapter 8: Borrowing and Lending Books with LendMe and Your Local Library

  • Adobe Digital Editions (page 207) - Software for borrowing eBooks for the NOOK
  • Adobe ID - Create an Adobe ID for using Adobe Digital Editions
  • NOOK eBook Central (page 208) - NOOK eBook Central site run by Google and the New York Public Library

Chapter 9: Streaming Media: Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu Plus

  • UltraViolet (page 223) - Watch UltraViolet streaming movies on your NOOK
  • Hulu - Watch movies and TV shows with a Hulu account
  • Netflix (page 227) - Rent movies and TV shows with a Netflix account

Chapter 10: Downloading and Using Apps

  • Google Play (page 240) - Google's Android app market. (These apps will only work on a rooted NOOK. See Chapter 18.)

Chapter 11: Music, Pictures, Video, and Documents

Chapter 12: Transferring Files Between Your NOOK Tablet and Your Computer

Chapter 13: Surfing the Web

  • Google - Hides graphics on Google's web pages for faster browsing

Chapter 14: Using Email

Chapter 17: Settings

Chapter 18: Rooting Your NOOK

Appendix A: Maintenance and Troubleshooting