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Office 2007: The Missing Manual

Office 2007: The Missing Manual

By Chris Grover, Matthew MacDonald, E. A. Vander Veer

Missing CD-ROM


Microsoft Office suites

Screencast: Word's Ribbon

Chapter 1: Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents

Microsoft Office Compatability Pack

Chapter 5: Themes and Templates

Word themes

Chapter 7: Printing Word Documents

PDF add-in

Adobe Reader

Chapter 8: Planning with Outlines

Screencast: Working with Outlines

Chapter 9: Creating and Navigating Worksheets

Add-in for saving files in earlier Excel formats

Download the Excel Viewer

  • Website (search for �Excel Viewer�)

Save As PDF add-in

Chapter 14: Viewing and Printing Worksheets

CustomViews.xls download

Chapter 17: Creating a Basic Presentation

Microsoft Office Compatability Pack

Chapter 19: Formatting and Aligning Your Text


Chapter 22: Adding Charts, Diagrams, and Tables

Screencast: Adding a Chart

Chapter 26: Creating Your First Database

Task Scheduler tutorial

Access Developer�s Toolkit

Chapter 27: Building Smarter Tables

Longest word in English

Chapter 31: Queries: Reusable Searches


Chapter 32: Creating Reports

DollsWithPictures Report

Snapshot Viewer

Adobe Reader

Save As PDF add-in

Appendix B

Microsoft�s Office site

Microsoft Office Discussion Groups home page

Microsoft�s Office training center

Microsoft Technical Communities Web site

Microsoft�s Help and Support site

Direct Person-to-Person Help from Microsoft

Word Help Sites

Excel Help Sites

PowerPoint Help Sites

Access Help Sites