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Office 2013: The Missing Manual

Office 2013: The Missing Manual

By Nancy Conner, Matthew MacDonald

Missing CD-ROM

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Chapter 2: Basic Word Processing

Chapter 4: Tables, Graphics, and Charter

Chapter 5: Proofing and Research Tools

Chapter 6: Printing Documents

Chapter 9: Desktop and Web Publishing

Chapter 10: Sharing and Collaborating on Documents

Chapter 15: Creating Your First Spreadsheet

Chapter 17: Formatting Cells

Chapter 20: Creating Basic Charts

Chapter 25: It's Showtime! Giving a Presentation

Chapter 26: Creating Your First Database

Chapter 27: Building Smarter Tables

Chapter 29: Linking Tables with Relationships

Chapter 31: OneNote

Chapter 32: SkyDrive and Office Web Apps

Appendix A: From Word to Blog

Appendix B: Creating Queries

Appendix C: Creating Reports

Appendix D: Creating Simple Forms