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PCs: The Missing Manual

PCs: The Missing Manual

By Andy Rathbone

Missing CD-ROM


Chapter 1: Inside Your PC

Memory testing programs:

Online programs for finding the right memory for your PC:

Power Supply Wattage Calculators:

Chapter 2: Keyboards and Mice

Chapter 3: Monitors and Video

Programs for adjusting CRT monitors:

Chapter 4: Printers

Chapter 5: Digital Cameras, Camcorders and Webcams

Chapter 7: Sound

Chapter 8: Digital Music Players

MP3 tagging programs:

Chapter 9: Hard drives and floppy drives

(Note: The previous link takes you to a Web page that displays a line of computer code. Save the text on this Web page as a text file named "deletecompressoldfiles.reg," then double-click the saved file. When Windows asks if you want to add the information in the file to the Registry; click Yes.)

Hard drive diagnostic programs:

Chapter 10: CD and DVD drives

Chapter 12: Email

Free Email programs:

Chapter 13: Surfing the Web

Password managers:

Chapter 14: Networking

Chapter 15: Security

Free anti-virus programs:

Free tools for removing specific viruses:

Firewall testing sites:

Anti-spyware programs:

Chapter 16: Fixing Common Problems

Undeleting deleted files:

Chapter 17: Advanced Troubleshooting

Appendix A:

Appendix B: Memory Cards and USB Drives

USB drive travel kit:

Appendix C: Other Cool Things You Can Do Online

Instant Messengers:

Other programs:

Appendix D: Dealing with Technical Support

Appendix E: Packing a Laptop Bag