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Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual

Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual

By Lesa Snider

Missing CD-ROM

Editor's Note

Check out these great Photoshop CS4 tips from Lesa Snider, author of Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual.

Sample Images

  • Download all files referenced in the book in a zip file (28.5MB).

Chapter 4: Selections: Choosing What to Edit

Chapter 5: Controlling Color with Channels

Chapter 6: Cropping, Resizing, and Rotating

Chapter 7: Combining Images

Chapter 8: Draining, Changing, and Adding Color

Chapter 9: Correcting Color and Lighting

Chapter 10: The Beauty Salon: Photoshopping People

Chapter 11: The Art of Sharpening

Chapter 12: Painting in Photoshop

Chapter 13: Drawing with the Vector Tools

Appendix A: Installing Photoshop

  • Photoshop's an awesome program, but it's not worth a darn until you install it. Whether you're holding an actual Photoshop DVD in your hand or you've downloaded the program from the Web, the Photoshop CS4 installer includes everything you need to get up and running fast. If you've got a relatively new computer, the whole process can take as little as ten minutes. If you have a vintage computer, it'll take a bit longer.
    Download Appendix A

Appendix D: Photoshop Menu by Menu

  • Like most programs, Photoshop groups all its commands into menus. On a Mac, Photoshop's menus appear at the top of your screen in the OS X menu bar, and on a PC they live in the Photoshop's Application bar. Strap yourself in and hold on tight for a warp-speed tour of Photoshop's menus! Download Appendix D
  • Click here to watch a great video on variables by Dave Cross.
  • Click here to read Julieanne Kost's overview of variables.

Appendix E: Photoshop's Tools Panel

  • As explained in Chapter 1, the Tools panel is home to many of Photoshop's most important implements. This appendix gives you a quick rundown of everything in this virtual toolbox and points you to where you can learn more about each tool.
    Download Appendix E