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PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual

PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual, Second Edition

By Brett McLaughlin

Missing CD-ROM

Author's Note: Many of you have asked for a "final" version of the book's files; in other words, the files as they appear by the time you've reached the last page of the book. To see what each script and HTML file looks like at the end of the book, you can download the "final" set of files here. These files comprise a union of the book's examples: each HTML page, image, CSS file, script, and bit of JavaScript are represented once, in their final form. Other than updating the scripts with your own database and connection values (see scripts/app_config.php), these are ready to drop onto a web server and run. Enjoy!

It should be noted that this final set of files is not useful for working through the exercises in each chapter of the book. Since the book builds the sample application bit by bit, you may want to begin by referencing the chapter-by-chapter, section-by-section examples downloadable from this Zip file. You can also download the individual chapters from the list below.

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