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Microsoft Project 2007: The Missing Manual

Microsoft Project 2007: The Missing Manual

By Bonnie Biafore

Missing CD-ROM

Download the entire Missing CD-ROM here.

To download the project file ProjectMM_Customizations.mpp with customized maps, filters, tables, and so on, referenced in the book, click here.

Chapter 1. Projects: In the Beginning

Chapter 2. Planning a Project

Chapter 3. Taking Microsoft Project for a Test Drive

Chapter 4. Breaking Work into Task-Sized Chunks

  • Ch04_VisioWBS.vst
    Visio Visual Report template for producing a WBS from a Project outline
    Word template for preparing a list of tasks for import into an outline in Microsoft Project

Chapter 5. Estimating Work Time

  • Ch05_Estimated_Tasks.xls
    Excel workbooks with example of estimating duration and effort for tasks for import into Project

Chapter 8. Building a Team for Your Project

Chapter 12. Refining a Project Schedule

Chapter 16. Managing Change

Chapter 17. Reporting on Projects

Chapter 18. Closing a Project