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QuickBooks 2009: The Missing Manual

QuickBooks 2009: The Missing Manual

By Bonnie Biafore

Missing CD-ROM

Here's the company file used in QuickBooks 2009: The Missing Manual

Click here to download OpeningBal_JournalEntry.QBM


Choosing the Right QuickBooks Product
Accounting Basics�The Important Stuff

Chapter 1: Creating a Company File

About the EasyStep Interview
Converting from Another Program to QuickBooks

Chapter 3: Setting Up a Chart of Accounts

Hiding and Deleting Accounts

Chapter 5: Setting Up Invoice Items

Should You Track Inventory with Items?
The QuickBooks Item Types
Planning Your Items

Chapter 7: Managing QuickBooks Files

Cleaning Up Data

Chapter 8: Tracking Time and Mileage

Setting Up the Standalone Timer
Tracking Mileage

Chapter 9: Paying for Expenses

Producing Checks

Chapter 18: Performing End-of-Year Tasks

Chapter 21: Tracking Your Business with Reports

A Quick Guide to QuickBooks Reports

Chapter 22: Online Banking Services

Exchanging Data with Your Bank

Chapter 24: Integrating QuickBooks with Other Programs

Chapter 26: Keeping Your QuickBooks Data Secure

Setting Up the Administrator
Restricting Access to Features and Data

Appendix A: Installing QuickBooks

Appendix B: Help, Support, and Other Resources