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QuickBooks 2014: The Missing Manual

QuickBooks 2014: The Missing Manual

By Bonnie Biafore

Missing CD-ROM

Bonnie Biafore's website


Chapter 1: Creating a Company File

Chapter 3: Setting Up a Chart of Accounts

Chapter 4: Setting Up Customers, Jobs, and Vendors

Chapter 5: Setting Up Items

Chapter 6: Data Entry Shortcuts for Lists

Chapter 7: Setting Up Other QuickBooks Lists

Chapter 8: Tracking Time and Mileage

  • Intuit Marketplace To find time-tracking services, click Search By Business Need and then click Time Tracking. You can then turn on the checkboxes that appear to specify features you're looking for, such as online access or the ability to track time against projects.
  • Intuit's Apps Center
  • IRS website

Chapter 9: Paying for Expenses

Chapter 12: Transaction Timesavers

Chapter 13: Managing Accounts Receivable

Chapter 15: Doing Payroll

Chapter 17: Performing Year-End Tasks

  • (exchange rates)
  • Intuit Marketplace To order preprinted 1099 forms, in the Intuit Marketplace's horizontal navigation bar, point your cursor at Tax Forms, and then click 1099 Kits.
  • IRS website To order 1099 forms from, click the Forms & Pubs heading. On the "Forms and Publications" page, under the Order heading, click "Employer forms and instructions."

Chapter 19: Managing QuickBooks Files

Chapter 20: Managing Inventory

  • Intuit Marketplace To find barcode readers, search the Intuit Marketplace for "barcode."

Chapter 26: Integrating QuickBooks with Other Programs

Appendix A: Installing QuickBooks

Appendix B: Help, Support, and Other Resources

Appendix C: Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix D: Tracking Time with the Standalone Timer

Appendix E: Advanced Form Customization