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Word 2007: The Missing Manual

Word 2007: The Missing Manual

By Chris Grover

Missing CD-ROM

Sample Files

  • Download all sample files in a zip file (3.6 Mb) or download individual files here.


Screencast: Word's Ribbon

Chapter 1

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Office 2007 themes and templates

Chapter 3

Header and footer example

Chapter 4

List numbering example

Chapter 5

Office 2007 themes and templates

Themes example

Business card

Chapter 7

PDF and XPS add-in

Adobe Reader

Chapter 8

Screencast: Working with Outlines

Chapter 10

Screencast: Using Tables

Table example

Chapter 11

Clip art


Chapter 12

Editors.mdb contact database

Chapter 13


Windows Live Spaces

Dicken's Web site


Chapter 14

Subscription form

Chapter 19

Macro example

Chapter 20

All Through the Year.dotx


Appendix A

Microsoft Word site

Woody�s Office Portal

Word MVP site

Wordsite Office Automation