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Press Release: March 5, 2007

O'Reilly Media Launches "Release 2.0." Newsletter: Bi-Monthly Promises Smart Thinking about the Future

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly Media has published the first issue of Release 2.0. The bi-monthly newsletter brings early intelligence and thought-provoking analysis of the ideas, people, and companies driving world-changing technology trends to business leaders and technology decision-makers. Editor Jimmy Guterman, O'Reilly founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly, and the O'Reilly Radar team deliver penetrating insight on technology's inflection points and paradigm-shifting innovations.

O'Reilly Media gave Web 2.0 its name, and the first issue of Release 2.0 cuts through the hype to look at the true business impact of the Web 2.0 phenomenon. Tim O'Reilly places it in the context of previous technology and business disruptions, Nat Torkington argues for a commonsense approach, and Brady Forrest examines how capturing data is at the core of making Web 2.0 businesses work. The issue also explores the ramifications of continuous iterative development: How does business change when you can have more impact on more people so much more quickly than ever before? New features include "The Number," which looks at one statistic in business and technology and explores what's really happening behind that number, and "The Canon," which highlights one book, article, or website that offers ideas and approaches that are essential to mastering today's technology business--and tomorrow's.

"In the tradition of Release 1.0 and O'Reilly Radar team's blog, the new Release 2.0 will serve as an early warning to alert you to new technology and business developments," said Guterman. "We'll let you know what's coming down the road and what it means before you've heard about it anywhere else."

According to Tim O'Reilly, "Since 1978, I've built my company by spotting trends coming from outside the mainstream, and watching the progression from enthusiasts and early adopters through entrepreneurs to the wider public. Our blog, the O'Reilly Radar, focuses on the disruptive innovations coming from 'alpha geeks' and other early adopters. Our newsletter, Release 2.0, will focus on business impact of those innovations."

O'Reilly acquired Esther Dyson's venerable Release 1.0 newsletter from CNET Networks in November 2006. O'Reilly has increased the frequency from quarterly to bi-monthly and launched a companion website at An annual subscription is $495. Group subscriptions and site licenses are also available. Contact for more information.

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