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Press Release: June 17, 2008

Ableton Live 7 Tips & Tricks--New from PC Publishing: Learn the Newest Version of the Cross-Platform Software That Has Rocked the Music World

Ableton Live 7 Tips and Tricks Sebastopol, CA—Since its inception in 2001, Ableton Live has gathered ardent fans in a way usually associated with performers rather than software. Musicians, DJs, remixers, composers, and producers alike have embraced Live, and it's fast becoming the universal software studio.

However, the new developments in Ableton Live 7 require a refresher's course, and PC Publishing's new book Ableton Live 7 Tips & Tricks ($19.95) is just the trick. This book will give Live novices an insight into working methods that otherwise would take months to discover. For the more experienced user it promises a quick catch-up with Live's latest developments (including new software instruments, complex instrument and effects chains, the phenomenal audio slicing, and full video functionality), and a new perspective on some of Live's more established features.

The book does not duplicate the Live user manual--it expands upon it, and introduces creative concepts, workflow enhancements, and workrounds for common objectives and problems. It also includes interviews with high-profile Live users in a variety of musical genres, passing on their real-world experiences to you.

With this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Create a template for performance/studio
  • Work with Live's software instruments
  • Create complex instrument and effect chains
  • Control Live via wireless
  • Configure audio editing workrounds
  • Prepare a set for performance
  • Use Live with other music software

Although the Live interface is remarkably simple, there's a lot of power under the surface, and Ableton Live 7 Tips & Tricks is just the book you need to access that power.

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Martin Delaney is a laptop musician, VJ, educator, and video director. Ableton Live has been at the heart of his music work since its first release, for composing, performance, recording, remixing, and production. Martin is the author of Laptop Music and Music Projects with Ableton Live, both from PC Publishing.

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Ableton Live 7 Tips and Tricks
Publisher: PC Publishing
Martin Delaney
ISBN: 9781906005085, 160 pages, $19.95 USD

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