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Press Release: January 12, 2009

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2--New from O'Reilly: Data Access and Web Services for Rich Internet Applications

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2--New from O'Reilly
Data Access and Web Services for Rich Internet Applications

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 Sebastopol, CA—Silverlight is a fantastic tool for designing rich interfaces that work in various browsers. However, its extensive support for data programmability is what makes Silverlight 2 a viable solution for business applications. John Papa's new book, Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 provides the knowledge you need to build visually and functionally robust applications with this exciting tool.

This comprehensive book shows readers how to build data-rich business applications with Silverlight 2 that draw on multiple sources of data. Packed with reusable examples, Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 covers all of the data access and web service tools you'll need, including data binding, the LINQ data querying component, RESTful and SOAP web service calls, and Microsoft's new ADO.NET Data Services and the ADO.NET Framework.

With this book, you will:

  • Know when and how to use LINQ to JSON, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to Objects
  • Learn how Silverlight 2 applications bind, pass, read, save, query and present data
  • Discover how your application can call web services to work with SOAP, REST, RSS, AtomPub, POX and JSON
  • Design REST, ASMX, and WCF web services that communicate with Silverlight 2
  • Harness RESTful web services such as Digg, Amazon and Twitter
  • Retrieve and save data using the new Entity Framework and WCF
  • Work with RESTful ADO.NET Data Services and its Silverlight client library to move data between your Silverlight application and database

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 offers tips and tricks for building data-rich business applications, and covers the scenarios you're most likely to encounter. Complete examples in C# and VB can be downloaded from the books companion website.

Without a doubt, the single best book on data and Silverlight I've read. Truly indispensable.
– Jesse Liberty, Silverlight geek and Microsoft senior program manager

RIA is a game-changer for data access. John's book helps the developer understand this new playing field and how to deal with data in this new world.
&ndash Shawn Wildermuth, Microsoft MVP (C#)

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John Papa is a Microsoft C# MVP, MCSD.NET, and INETA Speaker who has been working with Microsoft distributed architectures for over 10 years.

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For more information about the book, including table of contents, index, author bios, and cover graphic, see the catalog page.

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2
John Papa
ISBN: 9780596523091, 366 pages, Book Price: $44.99 USD, £31.99 GBP
PDF Price: $35.99 USD

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