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Fran Reilly Named MAKE Publisher--O'Reilly Media Alert

Press release: April 5, 2010

Sebastopol, CA—O'Reilly Media has named Fran Reilly as Publisher in its Maker Media division. She had been a Consulting Publisher for the past year. Maker Media publishes MAKE Magazine, which was launched in 2005 as the first DIY technology magazine, and the only magazine that O'Reilly publishes. MAKE serves a growing community of people who tinker and make cool things with technology.

Maker Media also publishes on the Web as Make: Online ( and CRAFT ( Maker Faire, the world's largest DIY Festival, draws amazing crowds to its events, and will expand its reach from the San Francisco Bay Area to Detroit and New York City this year.

"This is a great time to have Fran Reilly join us to help us develop MAKE's print and online publishing business," said Dale Dougherty, who founded MAKE Magazine at O'Reilly Media and is the General Manager of Maker Media. "Fran brings a lot of magazine publishing experience, but she also understands that publishers are living in a new world where a magazine must build its business online."

"Maker Media represents best practices in the media industry today: a cross platform brand serving a passionate audience," said Fran Reilly. "MAKE, and the Makers we serve, are not just staying ahead of the trends, we're setting them. I'm genuinely thrilled to be a part of it." As a media professional specializing in start-ups and strategic growth, Fran Reilly has held senior level roles at Rodale Inc., Scholastic Inc., and Time Inc. Most recently she was Principal of Reilly Emerging Media.

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