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Press Release: August 31, 2010

An O'Reilly Breakdown -- A New Video Series from O'Reilly Media


"With this set of iPad videos we spend time talking about not only how to build and theme an iPad application, but why," says expert author Dan Pilone. "We talk about how and when we'd talk to the customer, why we'd make one design decision over another, and, most importantly, how to properly design a Zombie remote control."

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New Videos from O'Reilly

Polishing an iPad User Interface
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"Polish" is one of those mystical words that the great app developers get, and the newer ones don't. But what separates a great-looking app from a good one? How do you take your application that works great and make it really looks great, too? These are the questions that iPad programmer Dan Pilone carefully walks you through in this O'Reilly breakdown. By the time you're done, you'll have a whole new set of tips, tricks, and ideas on improving your own applications' user interfaces.

MapKit and Core Location on the iPad
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Everyone uses Google Maps on the iPhone and iPad. And while you can simply drop a Google control onto your application, how do you interact with that control? In this O'Reilly Breakdown, iPad programmer Dan Pilone shows you how to take control of maps and location data on the iPad. You'll quickly be manipulating a user's location, on and off a visual map.

Gestures and Animation on the iPad
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The iPad brings a new level of user interactivity to mobile apps. If your app can't deal with touches, swipes, and pinches, you're not going to see great interest and sales. In this O'Reilly Breakdown, Dan Pilone gives you hands-on experience using the iPad GestureRecognizer API. You'll also build animations to give the user instant feedback when they interact with your application.

Styling iPad User Interfaces
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There are literally tens of thousands of application developers competing for a hungry audience's time and money. How do you build an app that stands out? What does a good user interface look like? In this O'Reilly Breakdown, Dan Pilone takes you out of standard, stock Apple controls and builds a completely immersive iPad application from the ground up. As you code alongside Dan, you'll learn how to conceptualize, design, and implement a customized user interface.

Dan Pilone is the founder and Managing Partner of Element 84, a consulting and mobile software development company. He has designed and implemented systems for NASA, Hughes, ARINC, UPS, and the Naval Research Laboratory. Dan has taught a number of iPhone and iPad development courses for O'Reilly, iPhone Bootcamp, and private development teams. He has taught project management, software design, and software engineering at The Catholic University in Washington D.C. Dan has written several books on software development, including Head First iPhone Development, Head First Software Development, UML 2.0 in a Nutshell, and UML 2.0 Pocket Reference.

The experts in the O'Reilly Breakdown live video series not only detail the concepts of difficult and complex subjects, they also demonstrate practical implementation and use. Each episode features an experienced programmer, developer, or software designer working on real-world challenges, ranging from iPad user interface design and multi-tasking on Android phones to caching in cloud-based applications.

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