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Press Release: January 20, 2011

Programming iOS 4: Early Release--New from O'Reilly

Programming iOS 4

Sebastopol, CA—This unusual press release is to alert you and your audience to an unfinished title from O'Reilly Media, Programming iOS 4: Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development, by Matt Neuburg.

While not slated for official release until May 2011, Programming iOS 4 is part of O'Reilly's innovative Early Release program, which allows readers to follow a book's inception literally as it is being written. O'Reilly Early Release titles are available in three DRM-free ebook formats. Customers who purchase now receive the final ebook version at no additional cost.

This title is already buzzing with favorable reviews. Writing on, verified reviewer Neku, from Milan, Italy, declares: "The book I'm looking for. Finally [a] concise and pragmatical survey of Obj-c & Cocoa. After many books, this one blows off all the questions the others raise."

And 808 from Charlotte, NC, adds: "Even though this is an incomplete prerelease edition, it is absolutely the best iOS programming book I own. The author goes into not only the mechanics of iOS programming, but the why of the programming methods and program structure. Extremely complete."

Author Matt Neuburg explains the impetus for the book, saying, "The book is aimed primarily at the intelligent reader who may know something about programming but has never programmed for iPhone before. Without a clear understanding of the basic linguistic and framework underpinnings of the iPhone API, you'll eventually be flailing. This book trains the attentive student into a knowledgeable, aware iPhone programmer, from the bottom up."

We're enthused enough about this early title and the reaction to it that we wanted to alert you to it now; complete details to follow this spring. In the interim, learn more about Programming iOS 4 at

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About the Author

Matt Neuburg has been programming computers since 1968. Hopelessly hooked on computers since migrating to a Macintosh in 1990, he's written educational and utility freeware, and became an early regular contributor to the online journal TidBITS. In 1995, Matt became an editor for MacTech Magazine. Matt is also the author of Frontier: The Definitive Guide and REALbasic: The Definitive Guide.

View Matt Neuburg's full profile page.

Programming iOS 4 Programming iOS 4
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
By Matt Neuburg
Print ISBN: 9781449388430  
Pages: 800 (est.)
Early Release Price: $35.99
Print Price: $49.99

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