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Press Release: January 25, 2011

Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 25--New from O'Reilly Media

Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 25

"Arduino is the little
engine that could."
—Dale Dougherty,
co-founder of O'Reilly Media
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Sebastopol, CA—Give your gadget a brain! MAKE Magazine Volume 25 ("Arduino Revolution"), hitting newsstands Jan. 26, shows readers how to get started using such popular microcontrollers as Arduino, now changing the face of do-it-yourself technology. Tiny computers, microcontrollers are suddenly cheap and can easily make your stuff smart. With Arduino, your gadget can sense the environment, talk to the internet, and make things happen in the real world by controlling motors, lights, or any electronic device. MAKE's new Arduino site is the place to go for Arduino news and community, buyer's guides, cool projects, and tutorials.

Named for a bar in Italy, Arduino is a simple controller board originally developed for artists but embraced by engineers and do-it-yourselfers. We show you how to make one and how to use it to create amazing projects like:

  • The Yobot—an automatic yogurt maker
  • A vintage 1930s telephone wired for Skype
  • A gumball machine that recognizes your secret knock
  • A reverse geocache treasure box that opens at only one spot on Earth
  • Video game controllers using accelerometers or other sensors
  • A high-tech gourmet Sous Vide Immersion Cooker for just $75
  • A solar-powered TV remote...and much more, including projects for kids

You'll also meet the real-life MacGyvers who engineer life-or-death solutions for U.S. soldiers, and revisit the mail-order surprises of Things of Science. Try these projects and more from MAKE Magazine Volume 25, and at MAKE's Arduino super-site at

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Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 25 Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 25
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Edited By Mark Frauenfelder
Print ISBN: 9781449393984  
Pages: 176 (est.)
Print Price: $14.99

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