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O'Reilly's OSCON explores all things open source

April 5, 2017

Sebastopol, CA—Today, open source powers companies from their first lines of code to their latest uploads to the cloud. Business leaders now understand that they must deploy the power of open source in order to succeed. OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, brings expertise in the full range of open source platforms and languages to Austin, TX, May 8-11 2017. Focussed on real-world practices, OSCON teaches how best to implement open source in enterprises from entertainment to finance to government.

"Open source is many things—a uniter, a catalyst, an equalizer, an industry creator and destroyer, and a key to your company's digital transformation. OSCON presents the many faces of open source so that you can harness its power, whether you work in a one-person start-up or a 10,000-person strong enterprise," says Rachel Roumeliotis, who chairs OSCON along with Microsoft's Scott Hanselman and Google's Kelsey Hightower.

Roumeliotis, Hanselman, and Hightower have created a program that explores the newest and most useful open source languages, tools, and techniques. Featured speakers include:

  • Dianne Marsh (Netflix)
  • Alvand Salehi (The White House)
  • Brian Behlendorf (The Hyperledger Project at the Linux Foundation)
  • Ashley McNamara (RackSpace)
  • Brad Fitzpatrick (Google)
  • Stephanie Hurlburt (Binomial)
  • Neal Ford (Thoughtworks)
  • Gelarah Taban (IBM)
  • Evan Booth (Counter Hack)
  • Saron Yitbarek (CodeNewbie)
  • Simon Wardley (Leading Edge Forum)

Registration remains open, and a limited number of media passes are available for qualified journalists and analysts. For more information or to request an interview, please contact maureen@oreilly.com.

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