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Press Release: July 27, 1999

O'Reilly Releases the Eagerly Anticipated Book: MySQL & mSQL

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- MySQL and mSQL are popular and robust database products that support key subsets of SQL on both Linux and UNIX systems. Both products are free for non-profit use and cost a small amount for commercial use. "A recent study predicted that within the next few years, over one quarter of all Internet servers will run Linux," says Randy Jay Yeager, co-author of the just released book MySQL & mSQL (O'Reilly $ 34.95). "Throw in the rest of the Unixes and you have the largest single population of servers on the Internet. MySQL and mSQL are the choice for inexpensive database solutions in this realm. Their popularity grew with the Internet and the World Wide Web and their rate of growth only seems to be increasing."

Even a small organization or Web site has uses for a database. Perhaps you keep track of all your customers and find that your information is outgrowing the crude, flat-file format you started with. Or you want to ask your Web site's visitors for their interests and preferences and put up a fresh Web page that tallies the results. Or your catalog is on your web site, and you want to be able to change prices or add items without hand-editing html files. "Our book enables the beginning and intermediate user to quickly design and deploy fast, scalable and efficient database solutions with MySQL and mSQL. In particular, it goes in depth to cover the fast growing realm of database-backed Web sites" explains Yeager.

Unlike commercial databases, MySQL and mSQL are affordable and easy to use. If you know basic C, Java, Perl, or Python, you can quickly write a program to interact with your database. In addition, you can embed queries and updates right in an HTML file so that a Web page becomes its own interface to the database. This new book is written for anyone who wants to run a database-backed Internet Web-site, or anyone who needs a fast, scalable, efficient database solution. "The demand for MySQL is growing rapidly, and developers need a high quality reference so that they can use it effectively," says co-author Tim King. MySQL & mSQL takes you through the whole process from installation and configuration to programming interfaces and basic administration.

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By Randy Jay Yarger, George Reese & Tim King
1st Edition July 1999 (US)
1-56592-434-7, 506 pages, $34.95 (US$)

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