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Press release: January 9, 1998

SEBASTOPOL, CA--Multithreading, available for personal computers with the advent of Win32 operating systems, presents Windows programmers with both increased capabilities and challenges. O'Reilly & Associates' new book "Win32 Multithreaded Programming" gives programmers the knowledge they need to skillfully construct efficient and complex multithreaded applications.

"Win32 Multithreaded Programming" explains the concepts of multithreaded programs, from basic thread synchronization using mutexes and semaphores, to advanced topics like creating reusable thread pools or implementing a deferred processing queue. It illustrates these principles with real-world applications and carefully constructed examples and shows readers how to take full advantage of Win32's multithreading capabilities.

Topics in "Win32 Multithreaded Programming" include:

  • How the Windows operating systems handle threads
  • Multithreading primitives in the Win32 API
  • Techniques for generating thread-safe dynamic link libraries
  • Advanced techniques for thread synchronization
  • Basic scenarios for synchronizing threads
  • Common designs for building multithreaded user interfaces
  • Debugging multithreaded applications

The CD-ROM accompanying the book features Mcl, the authors' C++ class library for multithreaded programming, which both wraps multithreaded API functions and easily supports more complex multithreaded scenarios. For programmers using MFC, an additional library, Mcl4Mfc, is included for MFC compatibility.


Win32 Multithreaded Programming
By Aaron Cohen & Mike Woodring
1st Edition December 1997 (US)
724 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-296-4, $39.95 (US), Includes CD-ROM

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