Algorithms are shaping our lives—here’s how we wrest back control

The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Kartik Hosanagar on the growing power and sophistication of algorithms.

By Ben Lorica
March 14, 2019
Tug of war Tug of war (source: Oregon State University on Flickr)

In this episode of the Data Show, I spoke with Kartik Hosanagar, professor of technology and digital business, and professor of marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Hosanagar is also the author of a newly released book, A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence, an interesting tour through the recent evolution of AI applications that draws from his extensive experience at the intersection of business and technology.

We had a great conversation spanning many topics, including:

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  • The types of unanticipated consequences of which algorithm designers should be aware.

  • The predictability-resilience paradox: as systems become more intelligent and dynamic, they also become more unpredictable, so there are trade-offs algorithms designers must face.

  • Managing risk in machine learning: AI application designers need to weigh considerations such as fairness, security, privacy, explainability, safety, and reliability.

  • A bill of rights for humans impacted by the growing power and sophistication of algorithms.

  • Some best practices for bringing AI into the enterprise.

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