Four short links: 1 June 2020

Face Swapping, Disinfo, Image Scrubber, and Taste Display

By Nat Torkington
June 1, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Real-time Face Video Swapping From A Single PortraitOur method runs fully automatically and at real-time rate on any target face captured by cameras or from legacy video. More importantly, unlike existing deep learning based methods, our method does not need to pre-train any models, i.e., pre-collecting a large image/video dataset of the source or target face for model training is not needed. We demonstrate that a high level of video-realism can be achieved by our method on a variety of human faces with different identities, ethnicities, skin colors, and expressions. Video.
  2. Disinformation Strategies and Tactics — Notes from a talk at the Internet Freedom Festival by Gabrielle Lim. See also David Schmudde’s summary.
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  4. Image Scrubber — Interesting transparency and trust model: it’s open source and a static site run from GitHub Pages.
  5. Taste DisplayThe Norimaki Synthesizer taste display was designed using five different color-coded gels made of agar packed into a tube shape, which uses glycerin for sweet, citric acid for acidic, sodium chloride for salty, magnesium chloride for bitter, and glutamic sodium for umami. When pressed against the tongue, users experience all of the flavors at the same time, however mixing those gels and adjusting their amounts and intensities creates specific flavors. Can you imagine the bug reports? “When I combine mushrooms and orange juice, it tastes like a sour fart.” If you’ve got a taste display, you don’t want no core dumps.
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