Four short links: 10 April 2019

iPhone Dominance, Security Keys, Embedded Systems Course, and Better Slack Client

By Nat Torkington
April 10, 2019
  1. 83% U.S. College Students Have an iPhone — from Piper Jaffray research. Android: 9%. Presumably 8% of U.S. college teens love their Nokia 3310s.
  2. Phishing and Security KeysSecurity Keys flip this on its head, trading something humans are bad at (noticing subtle differences) for something computers are good at (identifying exact matches). With Security Keys, instead of the user verifying the site, the site has to prove itself to the key. 💻🔐💪Is this useful for convincing people who need to be convinced that security keys are the way and the light? I don’t know, but every bit of ammunition has to help.
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  4. Embedded Systems Software Engineering — a CMU course with notes, exercises, etc.
  5. Ripcord — Slack (and Discord) client that is not built on browser tech, so it’s zippy compared to Slack’s own client.
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