Four short links: 11 April 2017

Algorithms and Data Structures, Facebook Considered Harmful, Typing Saga, and Minecraft Bucks

By Nat Torkington
April 11, 2017
  1. 350+ Algorithms and Data Structures Problems — kata to keep your koding krew on their toeses?
  2. The More You Use Facebook, The Worse You FeelOur models included measures of real-world networks and adjusted for baseline Facebook use. When we accounted for a person’s level of initial well-being, initial real-world networks, and initial level of Facebook use, increased use of Facebook was still associated with a likelihood of diminished future well-being. This provides some evidence that the association between Facebook use and compromised well-being is a dynamic process.
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  4. Typing: The Technical Interview (Aphyr) — Seize two meaningless constants from the void, and imbue them with meaning. Freyja would be pleased. To birth an algebra into the world is a beautiful thing. Don’t try to follow the code unless you have already returned from beyond the river, two coins jangling in your pocket.
  5. Minecraft Launching Its Own Currency — in-app payments.
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