Four short links: 11 September 2019

Distributed Consistency, Face Anonymization, Game Mechanic Discovery, and Images of Images

By Nat Torkington
September 11, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Waltz: A Distributed Write-Ahead LogWaltz is similar to existing log systems like Kafka in that it accepts/persists/propagates transaction data produced/consumed by many services. However, unlike other systems, Waltz provides a machinery that facilitates a serializable consistency in distributed applications. It detects conflicting transactions before they are committed to the log. Waltz is regarded as the single source of truth rather than the database, and it enables a highly reliable log-centric system architecture.
  2. DeepPrivacya generative adversarial network for face anonymization. A first attempt at an interesting line of privacy provision.
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  4. Automatic Critical Mechanic Discovery in Video GamesWe present a system that automatically discovers critical mechanics in a variety of video games within the General Video Game Artificial Intelligence (GVG-AI) framework using a combination of game description parsing and playtrace information. Critical mechanics are defined as the mechanics most necessary to trigger in order to perform well in the game.
  5. tilerBuild images with images. This seems like it could be useful, but I can’t immediately think how.
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