Four short links: 12 October 2018

Activity Alert, JavaScript Visualizations, OT vs. CRDT, and Senior Engineering

By Nat Torkington
October 12, 2018
  1. Publicly Available Tools Seen in Cyber Incidents Worldwide (US-CERT) — The tools detailed in this activity alert fall into five categories: remote access trojans (RATs), webshells, credential stealers, lateral movement frameworks, and command and control (C2) obfuscators. This activity alert provides an overview of the threat posed by each tool, along with insight into where and when it has been deployed by threat actors. Measures to aid detection and limit the effectiveness of each tool are also described. The activity alert concludes with general advice for improving network defense practices.
  2. MuzeTableau-like visualizations in JavaScript. Open source (MIT).
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  4. Real Differences between OT and CRDT for Co-Editorskey CRDT design issues include designing CRDT-special data structures and schemes for representing and manipulating object sequences, searching and executing identifier-based operations in the object sequence, and conversions between internal identifier-based operations and external position-based operations, which collectively deal with both application-specific and concurrency issues in co-editing. This approach has induced a myriad of CRDT-specific challenges and puzzles, such as the correctness of key CRDT data structures and functional components, tombstone overhead, variable and lengthy identifiers, inconsistent-position-integer-ordering and infinite loop flaws, position-order-violation puzzles, and concurrent-insert-interleaving puzzles.
  5. What’s a Senior Engineer’s Job? (Julia Evans) — I want to talk here about the work that a senior engineer does.
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