Four short links: 13 January 2017

CSV Conference, Autonomous Paper Planes, Test Wisely, and Some Silliness

By Nat Torkington
January 13, 2017
  1. CSV ConferenceA community conference for data makers everywhere, featuring stories about data sharing and data analysis from science, journalism, government, and open source.
  2. Disposable Paper Dronesan autonomous drone made out of cardboard that can fly twice the distance of any fixed-range aircraft because it’s disposable. The drone only goes one way. Star Simpson’s project at OtherLab.
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  4. Engineering War StoriesTests aren’t free. Be economical. We had a TDA (Test Driven Apocalypse) where our CI builds had crept up to 20 minutes, tests were failing randomly, and development speed was at an all-time low. It was extremely demoralizing waiting 15-20 minutes and getting a random test failure. We called it The Roulette.
  5. The Best Hacker News Conspiracy Theory EverA few nights ago, over a liberal quantity of beers, my friends and I came up with our latest nonsensical conspiracy theory…. This is wonderful fun.
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