Four short links: 13 May 2019

Git-rebase, Swift on the Web, Deepfake Dalí, and ML Style Guide

By Nat Torkington
May 13, 2019
  1. Git-rebase in DepthThese tools can be a little bit intimidating to the novice or even intermediate git user, but this guide will help to demystify the powerful git-rebase.
  2. SwiftWasmRun Swift in browsers. SwiftWasm compiles your Swift code to WebAssembly.
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  4. Deepfake Salvador Dalí Takes Selfies with Museum Visitors (Verge) — Using archival footage from interviews, GS&P pulled over 6,000 frames and used 1,000 hours of machine learning to train the AI algorithm on Dalí’s face. His facial expressions were then imposed over an actor with Dalí’s body proportions, and quotes from his interviews and letters were synced with a voice actor who could mimic his unique accent, a mix of French, Spanish, and English. The selfie is magic, though. Prize to whoever thought that up!
  5. Rules of ML (Google) — a style for machine learning, similar to the Google C++ Style Guide and other popular guides to practical programming. If you have taken a class in machine learning, or built or worked on a machine­-learned model, then you have the necessary background to read this document.
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