Four short links: 13 September 2018

ML Inspection, Enterprise Architecture, n=1 Study, and EU Shoots Own Foot

By Nat Torkington
September 13, 2018
  1. What If toolallows users to analyze a machine learning model without the need for writing any further code. Given pointers to a TensorFlow model and a data set, the What-If tool offers an interactive visual interface for exploring model results. Useful for non-coders to examine, evaluate, and debug machine learning systems.
  2. Archi Modeling Toolkit — MIT-licensed software for enterprise architects to create their models and diagrams. (via JB Sarrodie)
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  4. Does Knuckle-Cracking Lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Fingers? — n=1 50-year study. (via Nicholas A. Christakis)
  5. EU Approves Link Tax and Upload Filters (Verge) — The fallout from this decision will be far-reaching and take a long time to settle. The directive itself still faces a final vote in January 2019 (although, experts say it’s unlikely it will be rejected). Cory explains and EFF vows to fight on. A major threat to the open and uncaptureable internet.
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