Four short links: 16 September 2016

I Rock Moments, Trusting Black Boxes, Design Heuristics, and Chart Components

By Nat Torkington
September 16, 2016
  1. Building Activities — framed around creating math activities that don’t suck, but the approach to crafting meaningful “I rock!” moments apply to more than kids and math. Give students opportunities to be right and wrong in different, interesting ways.
  2. Whose Black Box Do You Trust?Here are my four rules for evaluating whether you can trust an algorithm: 1. Its creators have made clear what outcome they are seeking, and it is possible for external observers to verify that outcome. 2. Success is measurable. 3. The goals of the algorithm’s creators are aligned with the goals of the algorithm’s consumers. 4. Does the algorithm lead its creators and its users to make better longer term decisions?
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  4. Hints for Computer System Design (Paper a Day) — worth it for the sweet diagram breaking down design heuristics into Why/Where.
  5. plottablejs — Palantir open-sourced set of flexible, premade components that you can combine and rearrange to build charts.
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