Four short links: 18 August 2016

Explaining Models, Persona Conversation, Experiments with Investors, and Prolog In Your Javascript

By Nat Torkington
August 18, 2016
  1. Why Should I Trust You? (gitxiv) — In this work, we propose LIME, a novel explanation technique that explains the predictions of any classifier in an interpretable and faithful manner, by learning an interpretable model locally around the prediction.
  2. A Persona-Based Neural Conversation ModelWe present persona-based models for handling the issue of speaker consistency in neural response generation. A speaker model encodes personas in distributed embeddings that capture individual characteristics such as background information and speaking style. A dyadic speaker-addressee model captures properties of interactions between two interlocutors. (via Ben Lorica)
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  4. Randomized Field Experiment in Attracting Early Stage InvestorsThe average investor responds strongly to information about the founding team, but not to firm traction or existing lead investors. We provide suggestive evidence that team is not merely a signal of quality, and that investing based on team information is a rational strategy. Altogether, our results indicate that information about human assets is causally important for the funding of early-stage firms, and hence, for entrepreneurial success.
  5. LogicJS — Prolog-like declarative logic programming for Javascript.
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