Four short links: 18 May 2018

Efficient Meetings, Mixed Reality in Unity, Design Power, and AI's Exponential Curve of Cost

By Nat Torkington
May 18, 2018
  1. Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency — solid advice for business meetings, including a taxonomy with some firm opinions.
  2. United Mixed Reality Toolkita collection of scripts and components intended to accelerate development of applications targeting Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets in Unity. See blog post.
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  4. Reddit’s New Design Increases Power Consumption by 68GW/Month — this Reddit user shows their working.
  5. AI and Compute (OpenAI) — since 2012, the amount of compute used in the largest AI training runs has been increasing exponentially with a 3.5 month-doubling time (by comparison, Moore’s Law had an 18-month doubling period).
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