Four short links: 19 November 2019

GPS Spoofing, Multi-Arch Docker Images, People Problems, and Document Dumps

By Nat Torkington
November 19, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Ghost Ships, Crop Circles, and Soft Gold: A GPS Mystery in Shanghai (MIT TR) — dangerous GPS spoofing to smuggle sand. A very William Gibson affair.
  2. Using Multi-arch Docker Images to Support Apps on Any ArchitectureUsing buildx, we were able to quickly build a multi-arch Docker image for arm, arm64, and amd64 without a single change to our Dockerfile, and push it up to Docker Hub, from where any Docker-supported platform could transparently pull down the correct image for its architecture.
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  4. A Pragmatic Approach to People ProblemsThe very first thing you should enforce as a mod is that it is the moderator’s job to deal with problem people. Do not let it turn into a lynch mob.
  5. Cayman Islands Bank Document Dump (Twitter) — we may no longer need a Wikileaks to distribute leaked/hacked data like this.
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