Four short links: 2 April 2019

Content Moderation, Speech in 1.6kbps, Science is Hard, and Forensic Typography

By Nat Torkington
April 2, 2019
  1. Your Speech, Their Rules: Meet the People Who Guard the Internet (Medium) — Adam: “Six months ago we told you, ‘Don’t pave the city with banana peels.’ You decided, ‘Let’s see what happens if we pave the city with banana peels.’ We are now here to clean up the injuries.”
  2. A Real-Time Wideband Neural Vocoder at 1.6 kb/s Using LPCNet — this is witchcraft. Skip straight to the demos and have your mind blown. 8kb/s used to be the norm for crappy audio, but this is better quality in 19% of the bandwidth.
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  4. Statistically Controlling for Confounding Constructs Is Harder than You ThinkCounterintuitively, we find that error rates are highest—in some cases approaching 100%—when sample sizes are large and reliability is moderate. Our findings suggest that a potentially large proportion of incremental validity claims made in the literature are spurious.
  5. Forensic DEC CRT Typography — recreating the real look of a VT100.
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