Four short links: 2 July 2020

Data Viz, Fixing Bugs, Hardware, and SaaS Domains

By Nat Torkington
July 2, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Sweetvizan open source Python library that generates beautiful, high-density visualizations to kickstart EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) with a single line of code. Output is a fully self-contained HTML application. (via Mike Loukides)
  2. DrRepair — Code from this paper, which tackles learning to repair programs from diagnostic feedback (e.g., compiler error messages).
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  4. Lightning CablesHere’s my little article about (almost) everything I know about Apple Lightning and related technologies: Tristar, Hydra, HiFive, SDQ, IDBUS and etc. “Little”. Dang, cables are complex these days.
  5. Domain Structure for SaaS Products — Opinions (with background and context that’s informative even if you disagree with the opinions) on the right use of paths and subdomains to separate marketing and product websites, and to separate customers on the product.
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