Four short links: 2 November 2016

Beyond MVP, Questioning Data, No Tech Industry, and Dealing with Resistance

By Nat Torkington
November 2, 2016
  1. Getting Beyond MVP (Adrian Colyer) — great advice for those whose prototype worked but now face scaling up on a rickety but small codebase. Adrian covers what to do next, to get you to safe and scalable without losing momentum.
  2. What’s Wrong With Big Data? (James Bridle) — excellent stuff, not usual Internet fare as the sentences and thoughts are complex. In short: big data isn’t the panacea many think it is, has led to bad outcomes in many areas, and the simplistic approach it promotes may be actively dangerous.
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  4. There Is No Technology IndustryRather than accepting that a company like Facebook, which knows more about our personal lives than any entity that’s ever existed, is simply “tech,” we should talk about it as an information broker, as an agent of government surveillance, as a media publisher, as a producer of unmanned drones, or in any other specific description that will assign appropriate accountability and context to their actions.
  5. Dealing with Resistance (Bill Martin) — To deal with resistors you must understand their source of power. This power normally resides in one of four platforms. 1. Our organization has been down this path before. 2. Our organization may be committed, but the federal, state and regional offices are not. 3. Prove to me that the leadership team supports this. 4. If I go along with you, how long will you or I (us) be around?
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