Four short links: 21 Nov 2016

Master Strategy, Writing a MMORPG, Human-Level AI, and Network of Sorrows

By Nat Torkington
November 21, 2016
  1. How to Master Strategy (Simon Wardley) — Most companies aren’t playing chess when it comes to strategy (despite what you read). At best, most are simply meme copying others or running on gut feel and highest paid person’s opinion.
  2. Yegge’s Back! — he’s been writing a game in his spare time, and launched it. It runs on the Google Cloud Platform.
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  4. Kurzweil Interviews Minsky on Human-Level AIresourceful versatile machines. Adjectives you don’t normally hear applied to software.
  5. A Network of Sorrows: Small Adversaries and Small Allies (Quinn Norton) — One media report in the U.S. esti­mat­ed 8,500 schools in America have been hit with ran­somware this year. Now, the rea­son why I think it’s real­ly inter­est­ing to point out the American fig­ures here is this is also a nation­al sys­tem where as of last year, half of all stu­dents in U.S. pub­lic schools qual­i­fy for pover­ty assis­tance. Those are the peo­ple pay­ing the­se ran­somwares. Full of gold. And every­thing in our fields is dual-use. Everything that we can use to help some­body can lat­er be repur­posed to hurt them. Our sor­rows come in bat­tal­ions the­se days.
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