Four short links: 26 December 2018

Evil FizzBuzz, Atari OS, Logic Guide, and Artificial Life

By Nat Torkington
December 26, 2018
  1. Evil FizzBuzz (Jason Gorman) — a really clever CI exercise for a team.
  2. EmuTOS — open source reimplementation of the original Atari ST operating system. (via Hacker News)
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  4. Teach Yourself Logic: A Study Guide — a wonderfully chatty book that functions as an introduction to logic for mathematicians and philosophers.
  5. Lenia: Biology of Artificial Lifea new model of artificial life called Lenia (from Latin lenis “smooth”), a two-dimensional cellular automaton with continuous space-time-state and generalized local rule. Computer simulations show that Lenia supports a great diversity of complex autonomous patterns or “lifeforms” bearing resemblance to real-world microscopic organisms. More than 400 species in 18 families have been identified, many discovered via interactive evolutionary computation. They differ from other cellular automata patterns in being geometric, metameric, fuzzy, resilient, adaptive, and rule-generic. Implementation with source.
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