Four short links: 26 November 2019

Extending HTTP, Headless Chrome, Election Security, and a Rewrite Horror Story

By Nat Torkington
November 26, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Braida set of extensions to HTTP which transform it from a state transfer protocol into a state synchronization protocol. When a resource is changed by one client or server, all other clients and servers update. Braid supports Operational Transform and CRDTs at web URLs, enabling peer-to-peer, offline-capable web applications. Interesting idea to extend HTTP rather than build it on top of HTTP.
  2. browserless Chromea web-service that allows for remote clients to connect, drive, and execute headless work, all inside of docker. It offers first-class integrations for puppeteer, selenium’s webdriver, and a slew of handy REST APIs for doing more common work.
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  4. A Short Reading List on Election Security (Matt Blaze) — very short: it fits in a single tweet.
  5. An Etsy Rewrite Horror Story (Dan McKinley) — It was around this time that everyone got fired. My favorite genre of Twitter thread: the software development nightmare.
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