Four short links: 27 August 2018

Notebook Future, Arduino CLI, Robot Mind, and Conscious Computers

By Nat Torkington
August 27, 2018
  1. Lessons from JupyterCon (Will Crichton) — reactive notebooks are the future, Jupyter is the new Bash, and data science is a gateway drug. I love that line, “Jupyter is the new Bash”…it’s a form of the repl loop that takes the p seriously. For some balance, see I Don’t Like Notebooks.
  2. Arduino CLIan all-in-one solution that provides builder, boards/library manager, uploader, discovery, and many other tools needed to use any Arduino-compatible board and platforms.
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  4. How to Make a Robot Use Theory of Mind (SciAm) — A simulation-based approach relies on a pre-programmed internal model instead. Winfield describes the simulation theory of mind system as using a “consequence engine.” In other words, a robot equipped with the system can answer simple “what if” questions about potential actions. If it simulates turning left, it might, for instance, detect that it would bump into a nearby wall. To make this prediction possible, the robots are pre-programmed with a basic grasp of physics so that they understand what happens when objects collide. Winfield describes his robots as having a little bit of “common sense.”
  5. Hackable Humans and Digital DictatorsThere is absolutely no indication that AI and computers are anywhere on the road to becoming conscious. More people saying this, please.
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