Four short links: 29 November 2019

BERT, Linux in the Browser, Ethical Gifts, and Resilience

By Nat Torkington
November 29, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. A Visual Guide to Using BERT for the First TimeThis post is a simple tutorial for how to use a variant of BERT to classify sentences. This is an example that is basic enough as a first intro, yet advanced enough to showcase some of the key concepts involved.
  2. jor1kOnline OR1K Emulator running Linux. Emulates hardware running Linux, in the browser. Wow.
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  4. Ethical Tech-Giving Guide — EFF’s annual guide to presents that fit with their ethical principles.
  5. People are the Adaptable Element of Complex Systems (Vimeo) — John Allspaw’s talk about the apparent irony of finding sources of resilience (sustaining the capacity to adapt to the unforeseen) […] examining closely what would otherwise be categorized as failure: the messy details of critical incidents.
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