Four short links: 29 October 2018

Quantum Internet, Live Coding, Ethics Checklists, and Robot Compendium

By Nat Torkington
October 29, 2018
  1. Quantum Internet: A Vision for the Road Ahead (Science) — interesting paper laying out a roadmap for development of “the quantum internet.” Stages: trusted repeater networks, prepare and measure networks, entanglement distribution networks, quantum memory networks, fault-tolerant few-qubit networks, and quantum computing networks. The full paper is behind a paywall (or sci-hub).
  2. Algojammer — neat prototype of a Bret-Victor-like system to help you develop and understand algorithms. The execution of your code should be thought of as just a physical fact about the lines of text you have written. In the same way we might consider the “number of ‘e’ characters” in the code, or the “average line length” of the code, the “execution” of the code is just a static fact that is entirely determined by the code.
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  4. Data Science Ethics ChecklistsThis is not meant to be the only ethical checklist, but instead we try to capture reasonable defaults that are general enough to be widely useful. For your own projects with particular concerns, we recommend your own checklist.yml file that is maintained by your team and passed to this tool with the -l flag.
  5. IEEE Robots Guide — a compendium of robots that are real and here today, most of which you can buy, from hands to scuttlers to humanoid robots with Einstein heads, to something that looks like a little yellow bird.
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