Four short links: 3 June 2020

Undie Detector, Formal Methods, Workflow Automation, and Open Source Multimedia Communications

By Nat Torkington
June 3, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Undie DetectorSafe Meeting keeps an eye on you during your video conferences, and if it sees business-inappropriate attire, the video is immediately muted.
  2. Using Formal Methods to Eliminate Exploitable Bugs — An overview video of the use of formal methods to prevent bugs, with reference to DARPA’s High Assurance Cyber-Military Systems project.
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  4. n8n — A workflow automation tool with a not-for-sale/hosting license (Apache 2.0-licensed, with a “Commons Clause”).
  5. PJSIPa free and open source multimedia communication library written in C language implementing standard based protocols such as SIP, SDP, RTP, STUN, TURN, and ICE. (via Hacker News).
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